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About Robert Gray

Engineer turned freelance photographer-artist, Robert Gray brings a fresh eye to photography with a raw intimacy that captures the human spirit.

Robert’s love of the arts, creativity and adventure, lead him to photography back in 2008 while he was in Egypt. This was the beginning of his journey to master the art of storytelling. Robert’s dynamic style of storytelling guides the viewers' imagination to run rampant with their own creativity, while simultaneously reaching them on an emotional level.

Robert will go anywhere to capture that perfect shot and loves to experiment with his art. His portfolio has a vast range that include; landscapes and cityscapes, as well as street, portraits, events, concerts and weddings by request. Street photography does play a huge influence in all his artistic story telling.  

Robert has received several awards including Top 100 Best New Photographers of 2015, 24 features in Fine Art America as well as numerous guest appearances in Art Galleries, Magazines and International Art Catalogues. You can also find his work on Lens Culture, Lens Framer and National Geographic.

Robert has been actively showcasing his works to include Manitou Art Center, Veterans Art Council, Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Art 111 Gallery and Art Supply, Kreuser Gallery, TwentyOne8, Academy Art and Frame, Thrive and an underground art show in a former News Paper Factory that displayed his 35mm series on Emotions.

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